What Is Asphalt?

Asphalt, or bitumen, is a sticky, black and highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum. Its primary use is in road construction as the glue or binder that is mixed with aggregate particles to create asphalt concrete.

Benefits of Asphalt

Did you know that 94% of the roads in this country are asphalt? Asphalt is used in the majority of pavement projects because it is economical, durable, and easy to repair. It is safer than some alternatives because it provides skid resistance and shows road markings well, especially in inclement weather. If you are researching pavement options, read more here about the benefits of asphalt paving.

Asphalt or Concrete?

Asphalt is less expensive and more adaptable to variable terrain than cement. If you’re wondering what the best pavement material is for your specific site, please contact us for a free consultation.

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New Pavement

If you’re looking for the lowest cost solution for a road, driveway or parking lot you’ll want to consider standard black asphalt. Until recently, there weren’t many options beyond the standard black color and texture. But now there are tints that can be added at the end of the paving process, sealants, coatings, and coloring that can be added during mixing to change its appearance.

Surface Preparation & Repairs

If your site has a slope, erosion problems, or a water drainage issue, we will properly grade the site and and prepare it. Our services include everything needed to build and maintain a stable pavement surface:

  • Base rock and surface paving

  • Demolition & surface removal

  • Redesigns to improve drainage

  • Installation of culverts & ditches

  • Seal coats & asphalt repairs

Asphalt Paving, Santa Rosa, Ca

Commercial & Residential Paving

We work with both commercial and residential clients to provide the best possible pavement solution for each unique situation.

100% Recyclable!

recycled asphalt

Did you know that asphalt can be recycled? Pimentel Paving’s practices support the recycling and reuse of asphalt. Read more about the earth-friendly benefits of asphalt paving.

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