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Asphalt Stamping

  • recoating stamped asphalt

    Recoating Stamped Asphalt

    Pimentel Paving at work recoating a stamped asphalt driveway that was more than 10 years old and still in great shape.

  • StreetBond Color Coat Driveway, Napa, Ca

    StreetBond Color Coating, Driveways, Napa

    This paving project for a Napa homeowner's driveway uses StreetBond Color Coating along with asphalt stamping, for the look of individual pavers.

  • Asphalt and Asphalt Stamping Santa Rosa Downtown after

    Asphalt & Asphalt Stamping, Santa Rosa

    This residential driveway paving project in Santa Rosa was done with combination of asphalt with a stamped Bedrock color border.

  • Asphalt Stamping Sebastopol Ashlar Slate Bedrock after

    Asphalt Stamping, Sebastopol

    This paving project was a residential driveway in Sebastopol with asphalt and a channel drain installed to direct water runoff. The surface is stamped in an Ashlar slate pattern with Bedrock color.

  • Asphalt Stamping at the Mill Valley Safeway-after

    Asphalt Stamping, Mill Valley

    This paving project was a commercial parking strip done with asphalt stamping and ColorBond at the Safeway in Mill Valley, CA.

  • Asphalt Stamping Fountain Grove detail

    Asphalt Stamping, Fountain Grove

    This asphalt stamping paving project was done for a multi-unit residential driveway. We used a herringbone pattern and concrete colored banding on this hilly, curved driveway.