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Asphalt Emulsion Seal

Rejuvenate & Preserve Your Pavement Surface

Asphalt emulsion seal is an outstanding way Asphalt Emulsion Seal Santa Rosa Cato preserve and protect parking lots, driveways and other surfaces — without having to pay for a new paving project.

A composite oil and sand mixture, asphalt emulsion seal

  • Forms a protective barrier
  • Brings paved surfaces back to life
  • Restores that rich and dark, new-color look

This paving method is a great way to blend flaws and keep car oils, UV rays, water, and other harmful elements from penetrating your paved surface. By creating a layer of protection over the surface, it preserves your asphalt and minimizes holes, pits, ruts and permanent stains.

An Economical Seal

Asphalt Emujlsion Seal Parking Lot, Santa RosaEmulsion seal costs much less than asphalt. When applied every three to five years it will extend the life of your surface and maintain a fresh, new look.

Thorough Seal Application

This isn’t just another “quick spray solution.” Our asphalt emulsion seal is always applied evenly on your surface with a squeegee to ensure that it is spread evenly and thoroughly across every inch of your surface.

Discover how emulsion seal will extend and enrich the life of your paved surface.